IWBF are delighted to announce that the AGITOS foundation has approved a grant to help develop wheelchair basketball competition for women.

The grant will go towards a project to help the Asia Oceania Zone to grow the amount of national women’s teams in their zone and encourage the amount of female players across the zone.

President of IWBF, Ulf Mehrens, said “IWBF are really pleased to be able to direct the grant from the IPC’s AGITOS Foundation to the Asia Oceania Zone to help them expand and introduce their female programmes to more of the countries within the Zone, which will increase the number of countries participating in future competitions.”

The President of IWBF Asia Oceania Zone, Saad Alazma said, “I am thrilled the Asia Oceania Zone will be able to benefit from the grant given to IWBF from the AGITOS foundation. This grant will assist the Zone in hosting a week long camp for training and competition for female players from throughout the Asia Oceania Zone.

“We are specifically targeting players and coaches from nations that do not have strong women’s programme, and we will be offering them the opportunity to train and play under the guidance of world class coaches. Hopefully this will provide the impetus for them to return to their home country and encourage new players and coaches to develop a national programme and eventually a national women’s team.

“Increasing the amount of female players in our countries is a priority for our Zone, and we are excited about the prospect of a great camp in Bangkok next March.”