22 year old, Harry Brown, will be making his debut at a Paralympic Games, he explained to us how he first got into the sport and how he is feeling ahead of Rio 2016!

I first played wheelchair basketball after my mum’s work friend found out I was in a wheelchair and invited me to the local club. The club was based in Halifax and I loved it from the first day and now in a couple of weeks I will be competing in my first Paralympics.

To compete in my first Paralympics is huge, I don’t think I can put in to words how excited I am, I’m not sure I believe I’m actually going yet but all I know is that I’m ready for the challenge.

The preparation for the games have been going well, as an individual I can feel everything coming together and as a team we are getting closer every day which helps so much once it comes to playing together. Our prep has been a full summer as a squad travelling all over playing friendly tournaments as well as having high intensity training weeks in Worcester. Worcester has been a big part of our prep it’s become almost like home to me.

The thing I love most about wheelchair basketball is not just team side of things on and off court, but also how it can bring together people who are complete opposites. For example in our team we have Simon Munn going to his 7th games and very experienced in life but yet at meal times and down time he spends time talking to me as one of the youngest both having a laugh and enjoying the memories.

This sport’s special to me because I’ve played since I was 8 years old and it’s my life. I’ve had ups and downs in my playing career but I would never change it for the world. I go to junior events and just hope that they can experience what I have and what I have hopefully got too come.

Our expectations for Rio 2016 is hard to say we obviously have goals but with how the world is going there is no team you can say “yeah we got this game” anything can  happen in basketball.

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to in Rio and at the Games is obviously getting on court and doing whatever I can to help the team reach our dream but also I want to make sure I enjoy the games and take in the atmosphere