Steve Serio (3.5) – The most well rounded player I’ve seen in a while, and he’s in his prime.  As the captain of the US ship, he has one of the underrated tough jobs out there – finding a balance between his scoring and his facilitating.  They need both. Think Steve Nash – an efficient scorer whose instinct is to set up others.

Dirk Passiwan (4.5) – We won’t see another pure scorer like Passiwan anytime soon, so we should appreciate his offensive genius while he’s still around.  Everyone knows he can make – and will gladly take! – some ludicrous shots, though he’s more restrained with Germany than at the club level.  He’s also an underrated and willing passer when he needs to be.  His hook pass is a thing of beauty.


Shaun Norris (3.0) – Kind of embarrassing to say, but I’ve always had a hard time putting my finger on what exactly makes Shaun so good.  He’s like a swagger-free Paul Pierce in his prime.  Didn’t flash around the court like Kobe, but was often the best player on the court in the biggest games.

Tyler Miller (1.5) – If you want to take your understanding and appreciation of wheelchair basketball to the connoisseur level, watch Canada play and sit next to someone who really knows the game.  Ask them to point out five positive things that Tyler does to impact the game that don’t show up on the scoresheet.  It won’t take long.