After finishing eighth in the U23 World Championships back in 2013, and fourth in the U22 European Championships 2016, the Italian team are looking to improve on their finish at the upcoming U23 World Championships in Toronto. To do so they will be requiring talisman Sabri Bedzet to be in fine form.

We did a quick Q&A with Italy’s young forward to find out a little more about him. 

Name: Sabri Bedzeti

Age: 22

Country: Italy

From: Kicevo (Macedonia)

Class: 4.5

Disability: Amputee

Home Club: S. Stefano Sport (ITA)

How long have you been playing wheelchair basketball? 4 years

How do you feel about representing your country at the U23 World Championships? 

I feel great pride and emotion about representing Italy.

How have the team been preparing for the U23 World Championships?

We’ve been working hard to prepare, we had a training camp last April and we will be training together since May 30th in Abruzzo.

How important is it to participate at the U23 World Championships as a young player?

It’s going to be a very important chapter in my career, also because it will be my last tournament with the U23 National Team.

What are your teams aims for this Championship?

To compete in every game and to enjoy the whole experience.

How do you assess the other teams? Who will be the strongest opponents/your favourites to win the tournament?

I don’t know who will be the favourite but what I do know is that we will try to win against every team.

What are you most looking forward to about taking part in the U23 World Championships?

I’m really looking forward to competing against the best young players in the world as well as the spectacular location.

Take a look at Bedzeti’s team mates.

Image courtesy of Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro in Carrozzina