The Australian Men’s U23 National Team have competed at four of the five previous World Championships. Throughout these appearances, Australia have claimed bronze three times and just narrowly missed the podium in 2009 with a fourth place finish.

So what are the team’s hopes for this World Championships? We spoke to Jeremy Tyndall to discover a litte bit more about him and his team.

A relative newcomer to the sport, Jeremy Tyndall has only been playing for three years and is already making an impact on the international stage.

The 21 year old from Waaia in Australia will compete at his first U23 World Championships in Toronto, he said “It is a great privilege to represent Australia in a World Championships. It’s not every day you get to say you have represented your country, so I am very proud and excited to head over to Canada and put on the green and gold and give it all I have.

“It is very important for me to participate in the World Championships as a young player, it will be such a great experience to have. It is also important because of the hard work I have been putting in to get selected. It means a lot that the hard work has paid off.”

Jeremy, who plays for club team Kilsyth Cobras, is one of ten new members in the team since they won bronze in Adana in 2013. He explained how they have been gearing up for the World’s, “The team has been preparing by attending training camps, training with our state teams and playing in the Kevin Combs Cup. Since the team first got together until now, we have shown significant improvement and it is exciting to see what we can do playing up against the top teams in the world.

“Obviously, our aim is to compete for a medal, that would be the goal. However we aren’t focusing too much on the result. We feel that if we play the right way and stick to our process, then we have a great shot to do something special and make Australia proud.”

He added, “We haven’t seen a great deal of the other teams. We have seen Iran, Japan and Great Britain and they are all great teams. I’m sure once we arrive and the tournament starts we will know a little bit more about the opposition. We are expecting every game to be tough though and we are looking forward to the challenge.

The 1.5 classified player continued, “I am looking forward to several aspects at the World Championships. The intensity playing against the other teams will be on another level because of the level of the competition, playing in front of big crowds will be a great experience, the atmosphere of being at a World Championships will be unbelievable and coming over to a cool city like Toronto will be very exciting too.”

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