The semi-finals saw rematches from the group stage as Japan took on Great Britain for the second time of the tournament, as did Turkey with Australia.

First semi-final of the day saw Great Britain earning their way to the gold medal match after a stunning effort against Japan with a 76-34 victory.

Japan were unable to find their way past Great Britain’s defense in the opening quarter while the British offense was unrelenting as they left Japan trailing, starting out on a 21 point run and going 23-6 up into the second. With a mountain to climb to get themselves back in the game, Japan found themselves unable to match Great Britain’s scoring efficiency and although a closer second and third quarter ensued the damage had been done.

Jack Perry claimed the game-high with 24 points for Great Britain alongside teammate Ben Fox’s double double with 23 points and 11 rebounds. Takuya Furusawa put up 14 points to top Japan’s effort.

Perry discussed his team’s strong semifinal performance, “I think it was all about our start, it was eight and a half minutes before they first scored so it was just about coming out fast and getting stops in defense. We had a game plan for that defense, we just had to execute that game plan and we did it perfectly and it showed in the first quarter score so we’re just really happy with that start.”

Great Britain’s captain, Gregg Warbuton, added, “If we come out half as hard as we did today I think we have a chance against any team in this competition. So recover tonight and then come out exactly the same tomorrow just as hard.”

In the second semi-final Australia were looking gain revenge for the defeat at the hands of Turkey in the group stages. However, it wasn’t too be and it is Turkey who will face Great Britain in the gold medal game thanks to a 60-52 win against Australia.

Australia struggled to find the basked in the first half against the undefeated Turkish team. Turkey played their way to a 10 point lead by half that Australia were unable to counter.

Another second half come back from the Australian’s saw them drag the game back within reach of the win when they made it a four point game with 47 seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter but ultimately Turkey kept their composure and did not relinquish the lead.

Tom O’Neill-Thorne paced the Australian offense with 10 rebounds and game-high of 31 points. For the Turkish team Halil Bağli led in points with 22 whilst Ahmet Efetürk tallied a double double with 15 points and 19 rebounds.

The Australians will play for bronze against Japan.

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