Quick-fire questions and answers with Puerto Rico’s Carlos Ocasio ahead of IWBF Americas Cup 2017 in Cali, Colombia.

  • Name, age and classification?

Carlo Ocasio – 36 years old – two-point player.

  • How has the Puerto Rico prepared for the tournament?

The team have been practicing up to 4 times a week and working hard off the court as well.

  • What are your hopes/ambitions for the tournament?

I hope to bring more experience to the team and push the team up in the rankings

  • How do you mentally prepare for a tournament like the Americas Cup?

I motivate myself by focusing on the game plan to work towards a win

  • What does it feel like competing in the Americas Cup?

It’s very exciting to be competing in the Americas Cup. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to represent my team, my country and make those supporting me proud.

  • How is wheelchair basketball developing in Puerto Rico?

More people are becoming aware of the potential we have and that has helped us grow.

  • Do you think wheelchair basketball is developing across Americas zone?

Definitely. Lots of teams have players competing overseas.

  • Who do you see as the main teams to watch out for?

USA definitely.