IWBF Americas is pleased to announce the International Technical Officials who will be present in Cali, Colombia for the Americas Cup 2017.

Steve Bach (CAN) will chair the Tournament Technical Committee, assisted by Maureen Orchard (CAN) and Norbert Kucera (GER).

Leading the classification panel will be Anne Lachance (CAN) as Head Classifier. She will be joined on the panel by Doug Garner (USA), Roberto Sanchez (ARG), and Karen Ferguson (CAN).

Fifteen referees representing eleven countries in the Americas Zone will take control of the games. They are Mati Quintana (ARG), Cristian Colombatti (ARG), Joao Fortes (BRA), Marcus Gama (BRA), Alex Lapointe (CAN), Seb Gauthier (CAN), Enzo Fernandez (CHI), Pedro Vasquez (CHI), Karen Molina (COL), Mauricio Gamez (CRC), Larson Coello (HON), Randolfo Marquez (MEX), Axel Coll (PUR), Darrell Hargreaves (USA), and Herbert Gonzales (URU).

The referee supervisors will be Jorge Bestilleiro (ARG) and Juan Magallanes (MEX).

For more information on the IWBF Americas Cup 2017 visit the website.