A team of 32 International Technical Officials will ensure the smooth running of the 2017 IWBF Asia Oceania Championships, which are set to take place in Beijing, China between the 20th to 29th October.

Lorraine Landon (AUS) will manage the competition as Tournament Director, with Matt Wells (AUS) alongside her as AOZ Technical Officer, supported by AOZ Secretary General Don Perriman (AUS) and IWBF Technical Chairman Norbert Kucera (GER).

Running the games will be commissioners Taichi​ ​Nishimura​ ​(JPN),​ ​Ang​ ​Kean​ ​Koo​ ​(MAS),​ ​Chen​ ​Chuan​ ​Jun (TPE).

On court, 15 referees will make up the crews, they are: Blaine​ ​Krapljanov (AUS),​ ​Barry​ ​Spicer​ ​(AUS),​ ​Fengwin​ ​Wang​ ​(CHN),​ ​Jun Zhang​ ​(CHN),​ ​Tomas​ ​Pajer​ ​(CZE),​ ​Mehdi​ ​Aghajani​ ​(IRI),​ ​Jafar​ ​Mohammed​ ​Pour​ ​(IRI),​ ​Ahmed​ ​al Shuwali​ ​(IRQ),​ ​Takahiro​ ​Hirata​ ​(JPN),​ ​Ryotaro​ ​Kishi​ ​(JPN),​ ​Ayman​ ​Moumani​ ​(JOR),​ ​Jung​ ​Hoon Shin​ ​(KOR),​ ​Shu-Fei​ ​Hseih​ ​(TPE),​ ​Somkiat​ ​Ngoenphotduang​ ​(THA),​ ​Mohammed​ ​Al​ ​Ali​ ​(UAE).

Off court, Sebastien Gauthier (CAN), Eisuke Kanno (JPN), and Poh Boon Yap (MAS) will act as the referee supervisors.

A team of 7 personnel will oversee the classification at the tournament. Lisa​ ​Chaffey​ ​(AUS)​ ​will act as the​ ​Classification​ ​Instructor working with AOZ​​ ​​Classification​​ ​​Officer​ ​​Toufic​ ​Allouche​ ​(LIB)​​ ​and classifiers​ ​​Raul​ ​Cembrano​ ​(PHI),​ ​Jin​ ​Yin​ ​Tan​ ​(MAS),​ ​Tim​ ​Maloney​ ​(AUS),​ ​Omid​ ​Mirzahosseini (IRI)​ ​Masahisa​ ​Komatsu​ ​(JPN).