Australia Gliders Amber Merritt and Iran men’s Omid Hadiazhar were named Most Valuable Players for in the women’s and men’s competition at the 2017 IWBF Asia Oceania Championships.

Chosen in the men’s All-Star Five were two players from the Gold winning Australian Rollers team one-point player Jannik Blair and three-point player Tom O’Neill Thorne. They were chosen alongside Korea’s two-point player Dong Suk Oh, Japan’s three-point five player Hiroaki Kozai and Iran’s four-point player Mohammadhasan Sayari.

In the women’s All-Star Five, duo Xuejing Chen and Suiling Lin, who assisted China to the Gold were selected, along with Australia’s four-point player Cobi Crispin and one-point player Clare Nott and Japan’s Mari Amimoto.

Women’s All Star Five

Mari Amimoto (JPN – 4.5)
Cobi Crispin (AUS – 4.0)
Xuejing Chen (CHN – 1.0)
Clare Nott (AUS – 1.0)
Suiling Lin (CHN – 3.0)

MVP – Amber Merritt (AUS – 4.5)

Men’s All Star Five

Mohammadhasan Sayari (IRI – 4.0),
Jannik Blair (AUS – 1.0)
Dong Suk Oh (KOR – 2.0)
Tom O’Neill-Thorne (AUS – 3.0)
Hiroaki Kozai (JPN – 3.5)

MVP – Omid Hadiazhar (IRI – 4.0)

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