For the first time in the history of IWBF, we are delighted to release the latest version of the official wheelchair basketball rules in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS).

As wheelchair basketball continues to develop and become more popular in the Balkan area, we hope that providing a version of the rules in their native language will assist with the growth of the sport in these countries.

Over the past few years, wheelchair basketball has become ever more popular in this region and has played host to IWBF Europe events and competitions.

The new translation, made by international referees Damir Kunosic (BIH) and Krunoslav Peic (CRO), is another milestone for IWBF.

IWBF Technical Commission Chairman, Norbert Kucera, said “I would like to thank and congratulate Mr Kunosic and Mr Peic for the time and effort in completing the translation work, as without the support of these individuals, the Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian version would not have been possible.

“I believe being able to offer the rules in different languages allows us to encourage more officials into the game and widen its inclusivity.”

The newest edition of the 2017 Official Wheelchair Basketball Rules recently came into effect and are currently provided in English and Spanish as well.

In a sustained effort to make the sport accessible to as many nations, IWBF are committed to providing the newest versions of the rules in a number of languages and are expecting to provide you with translations of the rules in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and German in the near future. All versions can be found in the download section.

A Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian version of the Officiating Mechanics: Modifications for Officiating Wheelchair Basketball is also now available.