The Federación Española de Deportes de Personas con Discapacidad Física (FEDDF) (The Spanish Federation for Sports People with Disabilities) has announced the list of the 12 players who will make up the Spanish women’s team that will compete in the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships 2018, which will take place in Hamburg, Germany from the 16th to the 26th August.

The technical team, led by Abraham Carrión, has selected his team after four preparation camps ahead of the World Championships.

The team is formed of: Lourdes Ortega and Sara Revuelta (class 1,0); Almudena Montiel (2,0); Sonia Ruiz and Lucía Soria (2,5); Agurtzane Eguiluz, Sira Moros and Beatriz Zudaire (3,0); Michell Alonso (3,5); Vicky Alonso and Vicky Pérez (4,0), and Veva Tapia (4,5).

The average age of the national team is 26.08 years, which is higher than both the team’s average age of 25.67 years of the European Championship 2017 (fifth place) and the 23.50 years of the European Championships Division B 2016 (gold medal) but lower than the 29.75 years of the European Championships 2015 team (fifth).

The only new addition to squad of the European Championships 2017 is Michell Navarro, who is of Mexican origin but has obtained Spanish nationality and has been a constant part of the training camps Carrión has taken since 2016, and now two years later, her dream of wearing the national shirt in an official championship will be fulfilled.

The Spanish women’s team have played in two of the seven World Championships held so far, finishing eighth in Saint Etienne in 1990 and tenth in Stoke Mandeville in 1994. Spain returns to the World Championship stage after 24 years and for the first time on its own merits.

Wording courtesy of Federación Española de Deportes de Personas con Discapacidad Física (FEDDF)