IWBF is deeply saddened to hear of the unexpected passing of Gold Medal Triad Award winner, Horst Strohkendl.

Strohkendl, had been involved in wheelchair sports since 1969 and he dedicated most of his life to the sport.

Strohkendl was the pioneer, developer and author of the functional classification of wheelchair basketball. He was Chairman of the first sport-specific classification committee of the ISMFG and was part of the Executive Committee when IWBF established its independence. He was recognised for his contribution to the sport, being awarded the Gold Medal Triad in 1998.

Not only did he influence the classification system of wheelchair basketball, but he was also President of the Technical Commission between 1988 – 1992, whilst in the role he encouraged IWBF to follow the FIBA rules and regulations where relevant, but not to adopt rules that were contrary to the wheelchair game, an approach that IWBF still adhere to today.

IWBF President, Ulf Mehrens, said, “We will always remember Horst for the impact and influence he had on the sport. He was one of the early leaders and the person who steered classification on a new route to be functional and not medical. He was always a great supporter of the game of wheelchair basketball and he will be truly missed by all of the wheelchair basketball community.”

IWBF sends its sincere condolences to Horst’s family and many friends.


Picture courtesy of © Ralf Kuckuck