IWBF are sad to inform you of the passing of friend and wheelchair basketball colleague, former IWBF referee and IWBF Technical Delegate, Brian Scowcroft, who passed away following a short illness on 6th December 2018.

For many years Brian was one of the top referees in Britain and when he retired as an active referee, he was invited to be a member of the IWBF Europe Technical Delegate team. His most notable appointments were during the European Championships in Wetzlar, Germany (2007) and in Nazareth, Israel (2011).

He also served IWBF Europe in many other leadership roles particularly during the Forums and meetings of national team representatives – sometimes as chairman, sometimes as the essential translator during many provocative but always fruitful discussions. His friendly and positive manner made him ideal in such situations because he was always considered by everyone to be working for the sport and never for himself. Colleagues often said that Brian would always be first on anybody’s team sheet because he was a team player.

In 2012 he had to stop the activities he loved so much as his health deteriorated. Typical of Brian that whenever asked how he was or to provide an update on his health he quickly changed the subject to his family, their activities and the well-being of his former colleagues: another clear sign of someone who did not want to burden others with his own issues.

He will be missed by all in the wheelchair basketball community who will remember him for his commitment and dedication to the sport. Rest in Peace Brian – family man, wheelchair basketball lover, and a good friend.

Words by Hans Tukker (former IWBF Europe President) and Mig Goodwin both IWBF Europe Technical Delegates

Image courtesy of British Wheelchair Basketball

Further article on Brian Scowcroft and his services to wheelchair basketball in Britain in 2014 – http://www.gbwba.org.uk/gbwba/index.cfm/news/brian-scowcroft-recognised-for-services-to-wheelchair-basketball/