IWBF’s Player Classification Commission are undertaking a detailed review of the classification regulations and procedures to keep the IWBF classification philosophy aligned with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Classification Code and that of the Paralympic Games.

Under the leadership of the Commission’s Chairwoman, Ms Regina Costa, an action plan and timelines have been agreed upon with the IPC, to help ensure IWBF regulations and rules are compliant with the IPC Classification Code. It also aims to provide a clear and consistent framework and language for our classification regulations.

The first phase of the action plan is already in progress with the language of the current classification regulations being addressed and reworded. A review of the first draft has already taken place, in collaboration with the IPC, and the second draft is underway.

A more stringent process has also been initiated to make certain that all new athletes submitted to play at international world competitions meet the eligibility criteria of IWBF ahead of attending the competition. The new athlete’s classification will then be verified by the classification panel at the classification session before the start of the competition and throughout the competition itself.

The minimal disability process remains unchanged with members (NOWB’s) required to apply for a new player under the Minimal Disability Criteria using the process as defined in the Official Player Classification Manual. They must submit full details to the IWBF Secretary-General on the approved form along with the rationale. The Eligibility Assessment Panel of the IWBF Player Classification Commission renders a decision based on the submitted documents.

These extra steps are part of the ongoing process to ensure that all athletes competing at IWBF sanctioned or owned events are verified and classified against the IWBF classification criteria.

Further information on the developments of the work of the IWBF Player Classification Commission will be published when available. In the meantime, please contact IWBF Secretary-General Norbert Kucera – norbert.kucera@iwbf.org – with any further queries you may have.

Statement regarding IWBF Classification process & regulations (PDF version)