IWBF have published their 2019 Official Handbook following the last IWBF Executive Council meeting, which took place in Mies, Switzerland on the 6-7 April 2019.

Several important changes to the IWBF internal regulations were approved at the Executive Council meeting and are now available.

It was also agreed that one comprehensive document named “IWBF Official Handbook” would be produced to include all IWBF statutes and internal regulations to make them readily and easily accessible.

The IWBF Official Handbook can be found on the IWBF website in the download section. Here you can view the version online or download it as PDF. The PDF version contains hyperlinks in the “Table of Contents” to allow you to click and jump to the section required automatically.

Please note that all changes are indicated in grey colour for your convenience. Regular updates will be made to the regulations and any changes will be brought to your attention when they are made.

Click below to find the two versions of the Handbook:

IWBF Official Handbook (full PDF version) – http://bit.ly/IWBFOfficialHandbook

IWBF Handbook (Zip Folder that downloads the statutes and internal regulations as separate documents) – https://iwbf.org/downloads/