Japanese Wheelchair Basketball Federation (JWBF) joins Japanese Basketball Association’s (JBA) new project the Basketball ACTION 2020 – The Power to Surpass.

This project is based on the JBA’s philosophy of “Energizing Japan with Basketball”and is designed to allow people to actually touch the game, play basketball, and “watch” basketball in a new style of watching the game.

Based on the JBA’s philosophy of “Energizing Japan with Basketball”, this project is to create an all-basketball system through the two axes of “playing” basketball, playing and playing competitions, and “watching” basketball in a new style of game watching. This project is designed to energize Japan through the development of wheelchair basketball, 3×3 basketball, and 5-man basketball.

As the first step in this project, on Sunday 16 August at the Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium, the “BASKETBALL” event will feature games and demonstrations of Japan’s national players in wheelchair basketball, 3×3 basketball and 5-man basketball. ACTION 2020 SHOWCASE” and “National Student Free Throw Challenge”, an online competition for elementary, middle and high school students to determine the best Japanese player, were also announced at the same time.

The event will be streamed on Basketball LIVE! Find out more by visiting the website