The first official Paralympics video game ‘The Pegasus Dream Tour’ will allow players to participate in wheelchair basketball online tournaments and will also star Canadian wheelchair basketball player Patrick Anderson.

‘The Pegasus Dream Tour’ will be available worldwide on smartphone devices on 24 June 2021 in the build-up to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, as part of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)’s efforts to further promote Para sports across new young audiences.

Developed by JP Games, a studio founded by renowned Japanese game director Hajime Tabata, ‘The Pegasus Dream Tour’ is an avatar role-playing game (Massive Avatar RPG) which places players into a virtual Paralympic Games held in a fantasy, futuristic, inclusive and diverse metropolis known as Pegasus City. 

The game generates an advanced avatar named ‘Mine’, which pursues its dreams of becoming a Para athlete and is created based on the player’s own face through a photo taken with their smartphones. Mine can forge new relationships with other avatars by freely roaming the city and participating in different competitions.

IPC Brand & Communications Officer Craig Spence said:

“We are greatly excited about The Pegasus Dream Tour launch on 24 June as it will help the Paralympic Movement connect and build engagement with new and younger audiences, as well further increase Para sport awareness ahead of Tokyo 2020.

“We want all gaming and sports enthusiasts to pre-register already for this ground-breaking video game, which will see people from across the world virtually coming together and being able to enjoy the Paralympic Games in a whole new, innovative and fun way.”

Players can participate in boccia, football 5-a-side, athletics and wheelchair basketball online tournaments and interact with other players as they take part in this immersive Paralympic experience not only as spectators, but as actual participants. 

‘The Pegasus Dream Tour’ aims to enable people to enjoy the Paralympics in an innovative way by gathering in Pegasus City, having fun and interacting with their friends even if they cannot do it physically due the current difficult circumstances. 

It will be available in five languages: Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish.

In addition, nine of the world’s best Para athletes will show up in the game such as Japan’s boccia player Takayuki Hirose, Canadian wheelchair basketball player Patrick Anderson, New Zealand’s field athlete Holly Robinson and Argentina’s football 5-a-side legend Silvio Velo.

They are joined by Worldwide Paralympic Partner Bridgestone-supported athletes Manami Tanaka (wheelchair tennis, Japan), Kohei Kobayashi (badminton, Japan), Rie Ogura (badminton, Japan), Scout Bassett (athletics, USA) and Chaiwat Rattana (athletics, Thailand).

The pre-registration system is launched Monday (17 May), with those interested being able to apply already through Pegasus official website, as well as on Google Play and Apple App Store.