The IWBF Players’ Commission held its inaugural meeting at the Patrick Baumann House of Basketball on Friday 8 April 2022.

In a hybrid meeting, four members of the Commission who were able to join in person met at the FIBA Headquarters, whilst three of the four who were unable to attend in person joined remotely. The members were welcomed to the House of Basketball by FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis and treated to a tour of the Patrick Baumann House of Basketball Museum.

The Players’ Commission is made up of eight former and current players, spread evenly in terms of gender and Zone representation. During the meeting, a variety of topics were covered including IWBF Secretary General Norbert Kucera offering an insight into the governance and inner structures of IWBF, discussions on the commission’s main priorities going forward, as well as how to establish players’ commissions at Zone levels.

There was also an introduction to other athlete representative bodies which included the Chair of the International Paralympic Committee Athlete Council Jitske Visser joining the meeting to discuss the ongoing work of the IPC Athlete Council and how the IWBF Players’ Commission can collaborate.

The IWBF Players’ Commission is currently a provisional commission as defined in the IWBF General Statutes. However, at the 2022 IWBF World Congress, the delegates attending the Congress will be presented with a motion proposing for the Players’ Commission to be institutionalized as a permanent commission in accordance with the Statutes. By doing so, the Players’ Commission will become an official commission of IWBF, with the Chairperson becoming a full-voting right Executive Council member.

For the transition period until the Congress, the members of the commission chose Canada’s Erica Gavel as the interim lead who will take responsibility for the organisational processes and key operations of the Commission.

Gavel said: “It’s hard to believe that after two years of developing a framework, statutes, and processes etc., we finally have a full commission and representation from every Zone. This first in-person meeting was an excellent first step in where we want to go and the goals we have in place.

“Many thanks to FIBA and the House of Basketball for hosting us. To be surrounded by such greatness was a tremendous honour and privilege, and we look forward to extending this partnership moving forward.”

If players wish to liaise with the Commission, or if you require any support or guidance, please contact the IWBF Players’ Commission via the e-mail