A monumental occasion took place at the 2023 IWBF World Congress when the IWBF Players’ Commission was unanimously voted to become a permanent commission within the IWBF Statutes, with the Chair of the Commission becoming a voting member of the IWBF Executive Council.

Four members of the IWBF Players’ Commission – Erica Gavel, Alhassan Sedky, Hiroaki Kozai, and Michelle Moganedi – attended the three days of the IWBF Forum and Congress, which took place alongside the 2022 World Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over the three days, all four members presented the newly created Players’ Commission and the process of how it was established, alongside meeting with NOWB representatives and other player representatives.

Due to personal commitments, Ella Sabljak and Annegrit Brießmann were unable to travel to Dubai, but both joined a meeting of the Players’ Commission* virtually in which Erica Gavel and Alhassan Sedky were elected Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, of the Commission.

IWBF Players’ Commission Chair, Erica Gavel, said:

“It took almost two and half years, but we are finally here, the Players’ Commission is officially a Commission in the IWBF Statutes with voting rights on the Executive Council. Many thanks to the members for approving the motion, and the tremendous support from IWBF in getting us here. This is the first milestone in ensuring the players have a voice within the governance of the sport and I’m excited to continue to lead this Commission.”

The IWBF Players’ Commission members will be elected in staggered terms with the next election scheduled to take place in 2025.

* John Boie and Terry Bywater were unable to attend the Forum/Congress and Players’ Commission Meeting due to team commitments at the 2022 World Championships


Photo Credit: SA Images/IWBF