In an exciting development, the official logo for the 2024 IWBF Women’s Repechage Tournament has been revealed, setting the stage for a thrilling tournament taking place in the city of Osaka, Japan. The eagerly anticipated event will unfold from 17 – 20 April  2024, at the Asue Arena Osaka.

The logo, a visual representation of the tournament’s spirit and essence, draws inspiration from two iconic elements: Osaka Castle, a symbol deeply rooted in the city’s history, and the delicate cherry blossom, the official flower of Osaka. The harmonious blend of these elements in the design aims to encapsulate the rich cultural tapestry of Osaka and create a symbol that resonates with both participants and spectators alike.

Tournament Overview

  • Tournament Name: 2024 IWBF Women’s Repechage Tournament
  • Tournament Date: Wednesday 17 April – Saturday 20 April 2024
  • Venue: Asue Arena Osaka (Osaka City, Japan)

Asue Arena Osaka – The Heart of the Action

As the countdown to the event begins, the unveiling of the tournament logo adds an extra layer of anticipation. The fusion of Osaka Castle and cherry blossoms not only pays homage to the host city’s heritage but also reflects the strength, resilience, and beauty inherent in the sport of wheelchair basketball.

The Asue Arena Osaka, with its state-of-the-art facilities, is set to provide the perfect backdrop for this high-stakes competition. Women’s Teams from eight countries will converge in Osaka, vying for the final four coveted spots at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

As the host city, Osaka eagerly awaits the arrival of teams and spectators, promising an unforgettable experience that marries sporting excellence with cultural celebration.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as the 2024 IWBF Women’s Repechage approaches, promising a spectacle of skill, determination, and camaraderie in the heart of Osaka, Japan.