The International Wheelchair Basketball Federation is pleased to announce the International Technical Officials (ITOs) selected to oversee the wheelchair basketball competition at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. This group of officials, composed of experience from around the globe, will ensure the highest standards of officiating and fair play throughout the tournament.

The Tournament Technical Committee (TTC) will be led by Don Perriman (AUS), who will serve as the Technical Delegate. Assisting him will be Craig Moorgas (RSA) as the Assistant Technical Delegate. Regina Costa (POR) and David Kingstone (GBR) will also be integral members of the TTC, bringing their expertise to the committee.

The competition will feature 20 referees, 4 referee supervisors, and 4 game commissioners:


  • Linas Radykas (LTU)
  • Gustavo Mathias (BRA)
  • Darrell Hargreaves (USA)
  • Sebastien Gauthier (CAN)
  • Krunoslav Peic (CRO)
  • Tomas Pajer (CZE)
  • Fengqin Wang (CHN)
  • Blaine Krapljanov (AUS)
  • Cristian Colombatti (ARG)
  • Erik Etzelmueller (GER)
  • Celine Villard (FRA)
  • Maurizio Zamponi (ITA)
  • Shu-Fei Hsieh (TPE)
  • Milutin Jelenic (SRB)
  • Mauricio Gamez (CRC)
  • Yekta Sansal Koc (TUR)
  • Drazen Strok (CRO)
  • Shunsuke Nikaido (JPN)
  • Geghard Tahmasian (IRI)
  • Adam Fronczak (POL)

Referee Supervisors:

  • Matt Wells (AUS)
  • Sergio Giordano (CAN)
  • Edwin Wallaart (NED)
  • Cristian Roja (ITA)


Game Commissioners:

  • Juan Magallanes (MEX)
  • Stefania Marson (ITA)
  • Damir Kunosic (BIH)
  • Janine Timms (GBR)

Adding additional support is Gabriel Zangenfeind (SUI) for Anti-Doping and Stephanie Gagne (GBR) for Media.

This panel of ITOs will play a crucial role in the smooth execution of the wheelchair basketball competition, ensuring that the games are conducted according to the highest standards of the sport. The selected officials bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, reflecting the diverse and international nature of the Paralympic movement.

The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will take place from August 28 to September 8, 2024. The wheelchair basketball competition is one of the most anticipated events, showcasing incredible athleticism and teamwork. The participation of these dedicated volunteer officials underscores the commitment and community that are hallmarks of the Paralympic Games.

For more information on the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games and the wheelchair basketball competition, please visit the official website.