There are 105 National Organisations of Wheelchair Basketball affiliated to the IWBF. Each NOWB is the sole authority (besides the IWBF itself) and represent all wheelchair basketball for men, women, referees, classifiers, coaches and administrators in its jurisdiction

NOWBs affiliated to IWBF are automatically members of their respective Zones. IWBF works in conjunction with the NOWB of each country member and the Zone to regulate and govern wheelchair basketball disciplines of which it recognises.

IWBF Membership is open to one organisation from any country which is effectively in control of or is in a position to effectively control wheelchair basketball within its country. If wheelchair basketball is controlled by a section of a sports organization responsible for other sports, only the section governing and organizing wheelchair basketball shall be recognized and empowered as an affiliated member of IWBF.

Download the information sheet to find out more who to become an affliated member of IWBF.