Below are the steps the National Organisation governing Wheelchair Basketball (NOWBs) must take to apply for a player to undergo Stage 1: Assessment of an Eligible Impairment. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE A PLAYER IS PRESENTED AT AN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION.

Before any player can attend a competition that falls under IWBF’s jurisdiction they must have their eligibility confirmed by an IWBF Eligibility Assessment Panel (EAP).

Who does this apply to?

  • Any player(s) who are yet to be internationally classified
  • Any internationally classified player(s) who has not had their eligibility confirmed since February 2020 (i.e., internationally classified players who were not put forward as part of the reassessment process)

When should this be done?

Eligibility Assessments must be submitted by the player’s NOWB at least 3 months before a competition the player(s) wish(es) to participate in.

What needs to be submitted?

NOWBs must submit ALL the information and documents (listed below) for the player(s) to be assessed by the IWBF EAP.

Download all forms & information (ZIP File).

Where should they be submitted?

Please contact to receive a link to an online location where you can upload all the documents securely.

NB. Please note that only NOWBs may submit a player for eligible impairment assessment.


The NOWB will receive a decision from IWBF regarding whether the player(s) has/have an Eligible Impairment. If it is confirmed that the Player(s) has/have an Eligible Impairment, they may attend a competition to undergo the next stage(s) of the Player Evaluation Process.

Further information on the Player Evaluation Process