Player Evaluation for Players with Review Transition


All internationally classified players who had their Eligible Impairment verified and were assessed as eligible prior to 1 October 2021 are required to undergo Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the new Player Evaluation Process. This is to ensure all players meet the new Minimum Impairment Criteria.

The eligible players can be found on the Classification Master List and have been allocated the sport class status Review Transition (RT) until it is confirmed whether they meet the MIC. For any of these players who do not meet the new MIC, there is a transition provision that will be applicable between 1 October 2021 – 31 December 2022, which means they can continue to play wheelchair basketball at official IWBF international competitions until 31 December 2022 but after this date, they will no longer be eligible to compete.

The first event where these assessments will take place is at the 2021 European Championships in Madrid.

Below is the flowchart of how Player Evaluation will work for Players with sport class status Review Transition.  These Players do not need to undergo Stage 1 as this has already been completed.

A flowchart describing the Player Evaluation process for Players with sport allocation Review Transition.

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