IWBF is now actively recruiting bloggers from the wheelchair basketball community to help us share our sport’s stories in this Paralympic year.

We are inviting members from our extended community of athletes, coaches, officials, classifiers, support staff, volunteers, organisational/NOWB’s leadership, organizers, staff, athlete’s important others (parents, children, partners, friends) and our fans.

It is our goal to create a vibrant and engaged community of wheelchair basketball enthusiasts who can showcase our sport to our community and the world. We want your help to shine the spotlight on all the hardwork, struggles, joy, disappointment, success and one of a kind life experiences involvement in sport can bring.

Beginning in August, 2016 we are seeking to identify and sign up as many bloggers as are interested. Bloggers can become regular contributors or occasional guest bloggers. Bloggers need not have any previous experience just an appreciation for our sport and a desire to forge ties with wheelchair basketball enthusiasts around the world. Blogging time commitment can be as little as one blog a month, less than 30 minutes, one blog a week, one a day or more. You decide, it is your story to tell.

Tell us about your best tips and lessons, what frustrates and motivates you, why you committee your time and what you hope others can understand about the value of participation. It does not matter if someone you know or another member of your team, organization or community is already blogging; there is always room for another experience and another voice.

If you blog with us you will receive information on what to do and how to do it and support as you do it. We can help you create a blog account and help you create interesting blogs. It is a very simple process and can be learned in minutes. Blogging is as easy as recording, in writing, pictures and even video a few observations about your day, asking or answering questions, sharing ideas and offering advice. Let the wheelchair basketball community know who you are and why you do what you do. Perhaps you will inspire someone to try harder, do better or feel more connected. Maybe there is a young athlete or the parent, coach or trainer of a young athlete, an aspiring official or a potential volunteer just waiting to hear what you have to say.

Already blogging? Share your blog site with us and we will share your blog with our social community.

For more information download the IWBF Social Media Guidelines and don’t forget to check out the IPC social media guidelines for accredited Paralympic participants.

If you are interested in blogging with us please send us a note at stephanie.gagne@iwbf.org

We look forward to hearing from you.