Hosted by the FEDDF (Spanish Disables Sports Federation) and represented by Ricardo Moreno, Chairman of the Spanish Referees Technical Commission, the IWBF Europe Technical Commission recently held their second Referees Refresher clinic belonging to the period 2014-2018.

From 20th – 23rd October, 22 referees, mostly from the western part of Europe, attended lectures given by the Instructors Norbert Kucera (Chairman Technical Commission IWBF, GER), Edwin Wallaart (NED) and Tònia Gómez (IWBF Europe Technical Officer, ESP) on a wide range of topics including the principles of contact, points of emphasis for the new era, the latest instructions in mechanics and interpretations, points of emphasis, a wheelchair practical and mechanics/signalling practice on court and video session.

Former Spanish Men’s Assistant Coach and current member of the FEDDF Wheelchair Basketball Technical Commission, Mr. Javier Pérez also gave an excellent lecture about a team’s preparation for big events and defensive/offensive tactics.

All referees successfully passed the theoretical test and twenty (20) of them passed also the physical test. The remaining two referees who didn’t pass the fitness test have the chance to repeat the test at any occasion where another refresher clinic or examination is held in the future.

It was an excellent organised clinic and everything was perfect including transportation, hotel and facilities. On Saturday afternoon a social activity was organised to give the group them a break from the workshops, where they enjoyed a guided visit around Madrid’s “Habsburg” district and an excellent dinner in a traditional restaurant.

Norbert Kucera, Chairman of the IWBF Technical Commission said, “It was an excellently organised clinic and I’d like to thank FEDDF for hosting us. I wish that all around the world the same high standard could be offered. It makes learning and teaching easy and enjoyable. ”