From Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November 2016 the Kitakyushu Champions Cup will take place in Japan. The venue will be at the Kitakyushu City General Gymnasium. The hosts are the City of Kitakyushu, the Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation, the Kitakyushu Sports Association for the Disabled and the Kitakyushu Welfare Agency.

Four national men’s teams will be participating: Great Britain Junior Men from the Europe Zone, USA from Americas Zone, Australia Spinners U23 Men from the Asia Oceania Zone and Japan as host nation. There will be eight games in total. The Gold medal game will be directly after the qualification rounds.  Full schedule can be found below.

The players who participate in the ‘Kitakyushu Champions Cup’ this year must be under 33 years old. The tournament should provide young players the opportunity to develop their skills and with thos who are aiming develop and to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

The event is being held to commemorate the 2002 Kitakyushu Gold Cup and to promote a barrier-free concept to the city of Kitakyushu. The organisers hope that the competition will be highly competitive and exciting for both players and spectators.

Kitakyushu City have announced its candidacy to be a choice for training camps in 2020 for the participating countries at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Teams – (to view full team click on the link)

The schedule to be broadcast.

18th November 2016

  • 09:00 – Japan vs. America
  • 11:00 – Opening Ceremony
  • 12:00 – Children’s Wheelchair Basketball Championships
  • 13:00 – Great Britain vs. Australia

19th November 2016

  • 11:00 – Great Britain vs. Japan
  • 13:00 – America vs. Australia
  • 15:00 – all-Japan block final

20th November 2016

  • 09:00 – Australia vs. Japan
  • 12:00 –International tournament of 3
  • 14:00 – FINAL
  • 16:00 – Closing Ceremony

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