The IWBF Technical Commission is pleased to make available to all a copy of the document “Officiating Mechanics: Modifications for Officiating Wheelchair Basketball”. This document may be accessed from the download section of the IWBF website.

IWBF has a long standing philosophy of following the FIBA rules of basketball, only making changes when it is seen to be in the best interest of wheelchair basketball. This has seen, over many years, the wheelchair game evolve into the wonderful sport that it is without drifting away from the running game.

This philosophy also applies to the way the game is officiated and the mechanics used by our referees. This document is designed to be read in conjunction with the FIBA manual and serves to highlight the specific differences that exist between IWBF and FIBA games.

This document formed the basis of the instruction given to referees at the Rio Paralympics and is now shared with the broader officiating community and with those who simply wish to know more about what referees are doing.