IWBF is very proud to announce that we have been able to expand and strengthen our team by adding two full-time members of staff.

The new roles will see Steph Gagne appointed as  Marketing and Communications Manager, whilst Mareike Miller will take on a role supporting the commissions.

Please find below a message on behalf of the President, Secretary General and Assistant to the President regarding the new appointments.

IWBF Message

Dear wheelchair basketball family,

IWBF is very proud to announce that we have been able to expand and strengthen our team by adding two full-time members of staff.

Following her volunteer work as the IWBF‘s Communications Co-ordinator Steph Gagne will move into a full-time role as our Marketing  and Communications Manager.  As most of you will have noticed over the last year there has been a significant increase and improvement in IWBF’s communication (website, social media, e-news, FIBA daily). This has only been possible through the fantastic commitment Steph has provided in supporting IWBF in this area in her limited free time.

We have realised that to reach our strategic goal of serving our wheelchair basketball family and the wider community with first hand information and up to date news on our competitions and events, as well increasing the popularity of our wonderful sport and opening new marketing opportunities, it was necessary to appoint Steph in a full-time capacity to be able to meet those requirements. We are very thankful that she agreed to switch over into our team on a professional level!

We also would like to welcome Mareike Miller, who will be working as staff member for operations, which is the department responsible for administrating the needs and meeting the expectations of our members as a world organisation.

Mareike is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin (USA) with a bachelor in business administration and a master degree in marketing and project management. She speaks German and English fluently and is a current national player for the German women‘s team and a two time Paralympian in wheelchair basketball.

It has been our aim to re-structure the internal processes of our federation to improve our administrative and organisational skills.  The employment of Mareike confirms we are progressing this intention and have reached the next milestone in developing as an effective organisation.

Alongside our existing employees, Mr. Norbert Kucera (Assistant to the President), Ms. Birte Baensch (President’s Office), Mrs. Friederike Krauß (Communications) and the additional support from Mr. Gabriel Zangenfeind (FIBA Office) our team has now grown to six employees to ensure the professional level of wheelchair basketball.

Even though there have been considerable improvements in the function of IWBF, we all still must  continue to work hard to ensure the success of our sport worldwide and to drive wheelchair basketball to the next level as the most attractive wheelchair sport in the world.

Here is the full IWBF Operations team:

IWBF Operations Team