South Africa is not only being represented by their U23 National Team at the U23 World Championships, but also by Arnold Moseya who is officiating at the tournament.

30-year-old Arnold is a referee from South Africa who, like many others, got into wheelchair basketball after transferring from the running game. He said, “I started refereeing running basketball back in 2004, then in 2011 I was introduced to wheelchair basketball by Charles Saunders, a mentor who had assisted me with my refereeing in the running game. I fell in love instantly with the game and I have never looked back.

“What I love the most about being involved in wheelchair basketball is what it teaches me and the experience I’m getting on and off the court.  Our team of officials are absolutely great; the teachings I’ve gained from them I’ve applied back at work and in my life. The competitive spirit of players, the whole atmosphere around the sport is phenomenal and it’s a place where one just wants to be around.”

The Men’s U23 World Championships will be Arnold’s second major World competition, following his memorable appearance at the Rio 2016 Paralympics Games last year. “My most memorable tournament has been the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, for many reasons such as the enormous scale of the tournament, meeting people from so many countries and being introduced to new and different cultures. The best though, was our technical team. Throughout my life I’ve found it difficult to be open and socialize, but after meeting them and spending time I managed to open up and become a more open person.”

Having already refereed at a number of different competitions including the IWBF Africa Zone’s Qualifiers for Rio and the Moroccan Invitational, Arnold is hoping to use the U23 World Championships to develop himself as an international official. He explained, “The biggest goal for me at these games is to truly establish myself and really officiate at the highest level. I’m also really looking forward to meeting new faces and enjoy the tournament as a whole.”