Written by: Dylan Cummings.

An organisation in Nepal, ENGAGE, has set up wheelchair basketball league to empower people with disabilities.

ENGAGE, is a non governmental organisations whose mission is to transform the lives of youths with disabilities through sports, leadership and learning experiences. As part of this mission the ENGAGE organisation has set up an annual wheelchair basketball league, called the Turkish Airlines ENGAGE Empowering League.

The league which has both male and female categories and over a hundred people will compete in the league in total. Games will commence in various schools and colleges throughout the Kathmandu Valley area of Nepal. The event will see the best two teams in each category advanced to the final four, followed by the semi-finals and finals.

The finals of this year’s Turkish Airlines ENGAGE Empowering League will take place on the 1st July 2017, with six teams competing, WSA: Wheelchair Basketball Association, NSCISA: Nepal Spinal Cord Injury Sport Association, BIA: Boddhisatwa in Action, SIRC: Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Center, TAC: Thribhuwan Army Club and JWSC: Jawalakhel Wheelchair Sport Club.

The hope is also to increase the quality of wheelchair basketball in Nepal will increase, as the league offers a new level of competition that the country has never seen before.

ENGAGE believe that people with disabilities can have a bright future ahead of them and that volunteering to promote a disability sport can make a real difference to their lives.

The organisation aims to promote physical and mental well-being of people with disabilities as well as enhancing adaptive sports in Nepal. The league has played a role in increasing disability awareness within the country as well as addressing issues on gender, equality and social inclusion.

With the support of the Embassy of Switzerland, ENGAGE also conduct workshops on disability and social inclusion at schools in Nepal, creating a link between able-bodied and disabled children whilst also promoting the inclusivity of wheelchair basketball.

ENGAGE would like to thank Turkish Airlines for showing commitment and support for Nepal and the sport of wheelchair basketball.

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