IWBF Africa have awarded Wheelchair Basketball South Africa the opportunity to host the 2017 African Qualification Tournament where teams will compete for a place in the World Championships.

The qualification tournament will take place between the 17th November – 26th November 2017 in Durban, South Africa.

A maximum of eight men’s teams will battle for the one qualifying spot in the men’s section at the World Championships 2018 in Hamburg, and a minimum of four women’s teams will take each other on for their one qualifying spot.

President of IWBF Africa, Hamid El Aouni, said, “We are very pleased to award the 2017 African Qualification Tournament for the World Championships to Wheelchair Basketball South Africa.

“The African Zone is developing and growing stronger every year and we are hopeful that the qualifiers will see the same level of competition we did in 2015 for the qualifiers for Rio 2016.”

Any National Organisation of Wheelchair Basketball in the Africa Zone that wishes to participate in the 2017 African Qualification Tournament for the World Championships must submit the registration form along with the registration fee of USD 1,000.00 must be paid to IWBF Africa before 15 August 2017.

For more information for countries that would like to participate download the following 2017 Africa Worlds Qualification Invitation