During the European Championships Division A, IWBF Europe hosted it’s congress and forum over three days, 27th, 28th and 29th June.

The biennial forum took place over the first two mornings giving delegates from member nations who attended a chance to get involved in the productive discussion on a variety of topics. The discussions were led by IWBF Europe Executive Council members and included updates from Europe’s classification, technical and competitions commissions as well as updates on the zone’s marketing and development plans.

IWBF Europe would like to encourage feedback and questions from its nations, clubs, coaches, managers etc to help ensure the zone is progressing in the right way. Delegates who attended the forum, benefitted from having their questions answered immediately and were also able to give feedback on the topics discussed.

The forum was followed by the congress, and IWBF Europe expressed their appreciation to the 14 nations, out of the 17 accredited, who were present.

At the congress, amendments were agreed to the IWBF Europe General Regulations as well as the Manual of Regulations for the Conduct of Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Europe. These can be found in the downloads section of the IWBF Europe website.

The congress also saw the announcement of a new Secretary General for IWBF Europe, Petr Tuček will replace Frits de Jong in this position. IWBF Europe would like to thank Frits for his time and the demanding workload which he dedicated himself to, to run the IWBF Europe office and express their respect for it as it was not always an easy task.