Guatemala Women’s 3×3 wheelchair basketball team won gold at the Para Central American Games, after defeating El Salvador, 13-3.

Guatemala seized the victory, thanks to its excellent offense, captain Alva Puac raised the fans from their seats with two middle distance baskets and accumulating 9 points, while her teammate Marilinda Gómez scored 4 points for the team to finish with 13 points. Blanca Siguenza made all 3 baskets for El Salvador.

In the bronze medal game, it was Nicaragua who beat Honduras 7-0 to take home the silverware. It was a game in which Nicaragua dominated from the start. In the first half, the Nicaraguan took a 4-0 and despite a more co-ordinated approach by Honduras in the second half to the game they failed to convert any opportunities leaving the scoreless.

The Nicaraguan offense was led by Cándida Reyes with 4 points and Meiebel Contreras with two points.

In the men’s competition it was El Salvador and Nicaragua who secured their places in the grand final of the wheelchair basketball, with wins over Costa Rica and Guatemala.

In the first semi-final of the day, El Salvador beat Costa Rica 54-42. For the first quarter it remained close and finished just one point in favour to El Salvador, 15-14. In the second half, El Salvador shot more efficiently than Costa Rica and increased the advantage to go into the break 31-25 up. Costa Rica’s lack of discipline in defense took its toll on the team and they started to lose their footing in the game as El Salvador in increased their lead to nine points at the end of the third 39-30. The fourth quarter was again close but it was El Salvador who saw out the game.

El Salvador’s top scorer was Roberto Mena with 15 points, while Kenneth Gonzalez scored 18 points for Costa Rica.

In the other semi-final, Nicaragua defeated Guatemala, 67-39 to secure their place in the final undefeated. Nicaragua attack was intensive and effective from the start of the game and they won the game with quarter scores 16-14, 20 – 6, 14 – 10 and 17 – 9 to win comfortably. Aaron Cruz top scored for Nicaragua for 20 points whilst for Guatemala Juan Buch hit 17 points to lead their scoring.

Panama men finished 5th in the competition with a 57-50, with a close game against Honduras.

G28 – M 5/6 – 10:00 – PANAMA 🇵🇦 57 – 50 🇭🇳 HONDURAS
G29 – W BRONZE MEDAL – 12:00 – NICARAGUA 🇳🇮 7 – 0 🇭🇳HONDURAS
G30 – W GOLD MEDAL – 12:45 GUATEMALA 🇬🇹 13 – 3 🇸🇻 EL SALVADOR
G31 – M SEMI FINAL – 14:00 – COSTA RICA 🇨🇷 42 – 54 🇸🇻EL SALVADOR
G32 – M SEMI FINAL – 16:00 – GUATEMALA 🇬🇹 39 – 67 🇳🇮 NICARAGUA