IWBF have announced a new qualification system for the Summer Paralympic Games and World Championships for both men and women that will be implemented ahead of the Tokyo 2020.

Following the IWBF Executive Council Meeting in November the board unanimously agreed to introduce a new qualification process. The development of this system has followed considerable discussion and deliberations and has been in response to requests to ensure we keep representation from all of our zones, whilst also trying to make sure that the very best teams in the world qualify.

IWBF has determined that it will introduce a ‘repechage’ competition to provide both the men’s and women’s teams who did not qualify through zonal championships the opportunity to qualify through one final route.

In both the men’s and women’s qualification the top two nations from each zone, who did not qualify through their zonal championships, would be offered the opportunity to compete at a ‘repechage’ tournament in late 2019 or early 2020.  In the men’s competition this would provide three places for qualification, and in the women’s competition one place. (The table below illustrates attainment of places for zones, based on results in the previous major competition)

IWBF Secretary General, Maureen Orchard said, “We are very excited to unveil the new qualification system, we believe this accommodates the growing number of countries and strength of competition across the world, as well as ensures the highest level of competition at major world events.

“We have been looking to increase marketing opportunities for IWBF and member nations, and the ‘repechage’ tournament supports this objective.  The logistics for the organisation of the competition in 2019/2020 are being developed, but we are sure that this opportunity will be very popular.”

For further information or any questions please contact IWBF Secretary General Maureen Orchard (maureen.orchard@iwbf.org)