The 12 women who will represent Argentina for the first time at a Wheelchair Basketball World Championships have been named.

Captain, Silvia Linari, alongside her 11 teammates, will compete at the 2018 World Championship in Hamburg after qualifying in fourth place at the 2017 Americas Cup.

Coach Carlos Cardarelli keeps consistency in his team selection, with only one change from last year’s Americas Cup team,  Evangelina Paiva being the only newcomer and making her international debut.

Argentina took part in their premier world competition at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and finished ninth.

Jazmín Sallis told paradeportes radio, “We are aiming to win the matches against Algeria and France. We have many possibilities as we are training well. We are a growing team and we have been more competitive internationally recently. It’s the first time in history that our female team qualifies for a World Championships and that’s great for us.”

Argentina Women’s team for 2018 World Championships.

Mariana Perez (1.0)
María Chirinos (1.0)
Vanesa Salcedo (1.0)
Jazmín Sallis (1.5)
Julieta Olmedo (2.5)
Maria Fernanda Pallares (4.0)
Florencia Jessica Gonzalez (2.5)
Evangelina Paiva (4.0)
Mariana Redi (3.0)
Silvia Linari (4.0)
Mariana Capdeville (4.5)
Elba Susana Gomez (3.0)