A number of changes set to be made to the Official Wheelchair Basketball Rules were approved last month at IWBF’s World Congress.

The amendments were presented to members at the World Forum, which took place on Thursday 23rd August 2018, by newly appointed Chairman of the Technical Commission, Cristian Roja and then approved on Friday 24th August 2018 at the World Congress.

The amendments come following a FIBA update of the Official Basketball Rules earlier in the year. IWBF’s philosophy for the rules of wheelchair basketball has been to ensure the rules of wheelchair basketball align with FIBA’s where possible, to make it as easy as possible to understand and transition between the running game and the wheelchair game for spectators, officials, and players.

Find out more about the changes by downloading the summary below. The summary will also available in the download section on the IWBF website.

 IMPORTANT: Please take note that the changes will not be made valid until the new version of the official rulebook has been released and published on IWBF’s website later this year.

Official Wheelchair Basketball Rules - Summary of the Main Changes (New Version - 24/08/18)