A team of 37 International Technical Officials have been appointed to ensure the smooth running of the 2019 Asia Oceania Championships in Pattaya, Thailand, which is set to begin at the end of November.

IWBF Asia Oceania Secretary General, Don Perriman (AUS), will manage the championships as Technical Delegate, supported by Matt Wells (AUS), Toufic Allouche (LEB), Cristian Roja (ITA), Raul Cembrano (PHI), and Ang Kean Koo (MAS) on the tournament Technical Committee.

Raul Cembrano will chair the panel of classifiers – Tim Maloney (AUS), Omid Mirzahosseini (IRI), Takami Nagase (JPN), Soraya Unruenngam (THA), and Yahia Kabani (UAE).

17 referees from 10 countries will make up the tournament game crews – Blaine Krapljanov (AUS), Helen Rosenberg (AUS), Zijian Geng (CHN), Fengqin Wang (CHN), Kai Chu Cheng (HKG), Jafar Pour (IRI), Geghard Tahmasian (IRI), Yoshie Ichiya (JPN), Shunsuke Nikaido (JPN), Abdulrahman Shehan (KUW), Duk Gun Park (KOR), Jung Hoon Shin (KOR), Poh Boon Yap (MAS), Sin Sen Chong (SIN), Shuet Mei Ho (SIN), Chih Hsin Hsiao (TPE), and Shu Fei Hsieh (TPE).

Eisuke Kanno (JPN), Jon Burford (USA), and Lee Jae Geun (KOR) will act as the Referee Supervisors.

Directing the National Table Officials and supporting from the table will be the Game Commissioners – Taichi Nishimura (JPN), Chompoo Wachirasrisukanya (THA), Somkiat Ngoenphotduang (THA), and Ilham Burhanudin (INA).

Alongside the championships, Toufic Allouche will lead a classification clinic supported by IWBF’s Classification Commission Chair, Regina Costa.

The IWBF 2019 Asia Oceania Championships, which is taking place between the 29th November – 7th December in Pattaya, Thailand,will see fourteen men’s teams and eight women’s teams, from the fifteen represented countries, compete in the zonal competition. The championships, which is being hosted by the Thailand Wheelchair Basketball Association, will decide the countries from the Asia Oceania Zone that will qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.