The Official Draw for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games wheelchair basketball competition will take place on Sunday 22nd March. The ceremony will be hosted by the Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation in Tokyo.

The evening is one of celebration for wheelchair basketball in Japan, with the main event being the draw to decide the groups for the preliminary stages of the wheelchair basketball competition at Tokyo 2020.

Twelve men’s teams and ten women’s teams will compete at the Paralympics between the 25th August – 6th September.

Currently eleven men’s teams and nine women’s teams have qualified for Tokyo, with one spot available in each competition for the Africa Zone, whose qualification tournament is taking place in Johannesburg at the beginning of March.

Teams qualified so far:


Americas: Canada, Colombia, USA.
Europe: Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey
Asia Oceania: Australia, Iran, Japan, Korea


Americas: Canada, USA
Europe: Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain.
Asia Oceania: Australia, China, Japan

The draw will be seeded to ensure a fair distribution of teams from the same zones.

The teams will be paired and then drawn across two pools in both the men’s and women’s competition, with the first country drawn from each pairing going into Group A, whilst the second will then automatically go into Group B. As hosts, Japan, will get the choice of which pool they would like to compete in

The draw will streamed live and be available to watch online, further details of where and how to watch will follow.