Feifei, a ‘Divine Bird,’ will be the mascot for the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China.

The design was inspired by the motif of the ‘Divine Bird’ that brings bliss, and is a messenger of joy and cultural distinction. It is the fusion of Hangzhou’s heritage and its drive for technological innovation, carrying the longing for harmonious co-existence between humans and nature.

The first ‘fei’ means the birds flying, implying inclusiveness, respect, and fraternity of human society. And the second ‘fei’ represents the mental tenacity of the athletes with disabilities pursuing dreams and reaching beyond themselves.

Extending from her wings to her cheeks is the quintessential pattern of the Liangzhu Culture, with the raised wings showing their dynamic beauty. The letter ‘i’ on her crown stands for intelligence and also represents Hangzhou as the ‘City of the Internet’, which blinks blue when she is happy or playing sports. The ring, comprising 45 dots, on her chest is symbolic of the joyful gathering of all Asian Paralympic Committee members.

Asian Paralympic Committee President Majid Rashed said:

“We are very pleased that the mascot has been launched so far ahead of the Games in order to start building excitement right across Asia. I’d like to congratulate the Organising Committee on producing such an attractive mascot which, together with the emblem and slogan, will be fantastic tools to promote what I’m sure will be a fantastic Games.

“The mascot helps to bring the Games to life for everyone, from the athletes to the spectators. It’s important therefore that the mascot is attractive and appealing – and ‘Feifei’ is certainly both of those! It is the messenger of sportsmanship, an envoy of culture and a symbol of friendship. These are all very important aspects of the Asian Para Games and we are pleased that they have been incorporated into the mascot’s design.”

The 4th Asian Para Games will be held from 9-15 October, featuring 22 sports with Taekwondo and Para-Canoe to make their Games debuts.


Text courtesy of IPC