The Spanish Basketball Federation (Baloncesto España) and the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF) have signed a collaboration agreement that aims to promote wheelchair basketball and promote the organization of events and competitions in which children can participate with and without disabilities.

José Alberto Álvarez, president of the FEDDF, and Jorge Garbajosa, president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, signed an agreement that contemplates collaboration and support between both entities for the holding of competitions and other events in which people with and without disabilities participate. .

FEDDF President, José Alberto Álvarez, said:

“This agreement seeks to promote wheelchair basketball linked to traditional basketball through the search for synergies in the organization of our events and competitions. Within the framework of the Inclusive Sports Commission of the FEB, we will also continue working on the implementation of initiatives such as the one we did last year in the School Championship, where children with and without disabilities can compete in the same event.”
For Spanish Basketball Federation’s President Jorge Garbajosa, added:
“This signature reflects, on the one hand, the sensitivity of the Federation for always trying to collaborate with our sector and, on the other, what we have been doing since years ago, to be at your disposal in everything you may need. We want to be close, always be collaborative and help them from our humble position.”
Wording and image courtesy of FEDDF.