IWBF Americas will hold the 2021 South America Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina starting 29 November 2021 with the women’s competition and followed by the men’s competition starting 7 December 2021.

The women’s competition will be held from 29 November – 4 December 2021. Women’s teams from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Colombia will compete for one of three spots at the Americas’ Cup. The Americas’ Cup which will be held in 2022 is the qualification tournament for the IWBF World Championship which is set to take place in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates next November.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela will compete in the men’s competition, which will follow the women’s starting on 7 December 2021 and running across seven days until 13 December 2021. Like the women, the top three men’s teams will qualify for the 2022 Americas Cup.

The championship is being hosted by Federacion Argentina De Basquetbol Adaptado (FABA) who have a proud history of hosting successful events. President Omar Pochettino said:

“We are pleased to be hosting this important event which will see wheelchair basketball start up again in the Americas after the time off caused by Covid-19.”

It will be held at the national training centre the CeNARD where many of the teams will stay and all games and practises will be held.

IWBF Americas Secretary General Maureen Orchard confirmed that the following Technical Officials will participate in the championship.

Juan Magallanes, (Mexico) will be the Technical Delegate. He will be assisted by Ricardo Souza (Brazil) as the Assistant TD. Ricardo will also assist as a Referee Supervisor. Diego Colombatti (Argentina) will be there as the Game Commissioner.

Roberto Sánchez (Argentina) will be the Head Classifier. He will be joined by Cristina Rosello (Uruguay) and two National Classifiers from Argentina Martin Grassetto and Gaston Espil.

Jorge Bestilleiro (Argentina) will be the head Referee Supervisor with the following referees attending:

Matías Quintana and Cristian Colombatti from Argentina, Joao Fortes and Paula Belian from Brazil, Enzo Fernández and Pedro Vásquez from Chile, Diego Borghini from Uruguay and Mauricio Gamez from Costa Rica will be the neutral referee. There will also be three candidates for the Zone license, Matías Diez (Argentina) Hugo de la Riva (Bolivia) and Luis Ortega (Venezuela).

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