The three men’s and three women’s teams from the South Americas who will compete in the 2022 Americas Cup next year have been decided following the 2021 South America Championships. The Championships took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina between 28 November – 14 December 2021, hosted by the Federacion Argentina De Basquetbol Adaptado (FABA), who have a proud history of hosting successful events.

The women’s competition took place first, as four teams – Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile – battled it out following the late withdrawal of Colombia. The teams played in a round robin format to determine the standings, with the top two teams playing in the gold medal game and the teams finishing in third and fourth playing off in the bronze medal game.

Brazil topped the group from Argentina thanks to their last gasp one-point victory, 47-46, between the sides in their group game, whilst Bolivia finished third and Chile fourth.

The final saw Brazil secure gold with a confident victory over Argentina, 61-33, as both teams booked their place at the Americas Cup, and it was Bolivia who claimed the third and final spot at the Americas Cup with a 39-27 win against Chile.



In the men’s competition, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and Venezuela also competed in a round robin format with the final standings determining the top three teams who would qualify for the Americas Cup next year.

Argentina made sure of top spot with victories over their two closest rivals – Brazil (52-37) and Colombia (49-41) – after defeating all others in the group, whilst Brazil saw off a great fight from Colombia (53-49) to finish second and Colombia third. Venezuela finished in fourth with three wins, and Uruguay fifth with two wins. Bolivia and Chile battled it out at the bottom of the group with Chile ensuring sixth over Bolivia (49-32).

The South America Championships is the regional qualification tournament for the 2022 Americas Cup, which is the Zonal qualification tournament for the 2022 World Championships.

2021 South America Championships Awards

Women’s Competition
Best player: Fernanda Pallares (ARG)
Top scorer: Lia Martins (BRA)
Fair play: Chile (CHI)

All-Star Five
Fernanda Pallares (4.0 – ARG), Mariana Perez (1.0 – ARG), Lia Martins (4.5 – BRA), Denise Eusebio (1.5 – BRA), and Patricia Trujillo (2.0 – BOL)

Men’s Competition
Best Player: Alberto Esteche (ARG)
Top scorer: Leandro de Miranda (BRA)
Fair play: Uruguay (URU)

All-Star Five
Leandro De Miranda (4.5 – BRA), Alberto Esteche (2.5 – ARG), Maximiliano Ruggeri (2.5 – ARG), Jhoan Vargas (2.0 – COL) and Dwan Dos Santos (1.0 – BRA).

Results and Final Standings.