An updated version of the IWBF 2023 Official Wheelchair Basketball Rules has been released. The new version is available to download online in the download section and is valid from 6 March 2023.



IWBF Chair of the Technical Commission, Cristian Roja said:

“The IWBF Technical Commission has released version 2 of the IWBF Official Wheelchair Basketball Rule book, which will be valid from the 6th March 2023. The new version was necessary to address some typing errors and corrections in the wording. The most important point to highlight and ensure it is taking into consideration is Art. 4.3.1, bullet point 2 regarding all the technical requirement for other garments, except the uniform, that must be the same solid color for all the team. The Technical Commission believes that this new wording should clarify any misunderstanding.”

All rules and information regarding wheelchair basketball can be found in the download section.