In a thrilling precursor to the highly anticipated 2024 Asia Oceania Championship, the stage is set for the 3×3 Asia Oceania Zone Cup, a dynamic tournament that promises intense competition and unparalleled athleticism. Commencing today at 5:20 PM (DST), this event serves as a captivating prologue to the main championship, giving the Zone a taste of the fast-paced and exhilarating world of 3×3 wheelchair basketball.

To stay connected with the tournament, fans can navigate to the official FIBA 3×3 website and explore the dedicated event page at Here, they will find comprehensive details about the participating teams, the schedule of player matches, and real-time results.

For those who prefer the excitement of live action, the IWBF YouTube Channel offers a streaming platform to catch every moment of the 3×3 Zone Cup.

The 3×3 Zone Cup is more than just a prelude; it’s a showcase of the diverse talents and strategies that make 3×3 wheelchair basketball a unique and captivating sport. With teams from across the Asia Oceania region converging on the court, the competition is expected to be fierce, providing a sneak peek into the level of intensity that fans can anticipate at the 2024 Asia Oceania Championship.

As the clock ticks towards the opening tip-off, anticipation and excitement fill the air. Whether following the games through the official schedule and results page or catching the live stream on the IWBF YouTube Channel, wheelchair basketball enthusiasts are in for a treat as the 3×3 Zone Cup sets the stage for the pinnacle event that is the 2024 Asia Oceania Championship. Get ready to witness the magic of 3×3 wheelchair basketball unfold!