The Technical Commission function is the following:

  • Draw up the text of the Official Wheelchair Basketball Rules, draft the amendments to these rules for consideration by the Executive Council, give official interpretations of these rules and solve doubtful cases or cases not clearly covered by the rules themselves. In addition, it is competent in all matters concerning the practical application of the Official Wheelchair Basketball Rules.
  • Draft the amendments for modifications of equipment or the playing court and present it to the Executive Council for its consideration.
  • Be responsible for the training, examination and qualification of international referees and referee examiners, as well as for preparing the referees for the main international competitions of the IWBF and the selection of the referees to the World Championships and Paralympic Games.

Technical Commission Organigram

Organisation structure of the Technical Commission

International Referee Examination and Refresher Opportunities 2019

Upcoming Events

  1. Bahrain 2021 Asian Youth Para Games

    December 2 - December 6
  2. 2021 European Championships Division A

    December 4 - December 12
  3. Men’s U23 Africa Championship

    December 8 - December 11
  4. 2022 IWBF Afro Championships

    January 23, 2022 - January 29, 2022

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