International wheelchair basketball players from across the world have shared their views to assist in shaping the new IWBF Players Commission.

The IWBF Athlete Steering Committee was set-up to support IWBF in establishing and institutionalising a common voice for IWBF athletes in the governance of the sport with the establishment of a Players Commission.

As part of the process, the Steering Committee offered opportunities for players to give their feedback on the composition of the Players Commission via an online survey and/or to discuss further in two online forums. The survey and forums attracted responses and input from across the world, with players from a variety of countries including India, USA, Algeria, and Germany. The consultation process was led by the athletes on the steering committee and was designed with the sole purpose to boost exchange and engagement amongst the players community.

The IWBF Athlete Steering Committee said:

“We would like to thank all the players who have taken the time to be involved in this process of setting up the Players Commission so far. We really value everyone’s input and opinions as we try to shape the new commission and to reflect the wants and needs of international players within the world of wheelchair basketball.

“The feedback so far has been extremely useful, and we are now reviewing how and to what extent we can incorporate it, as it is important for us to really be able to represent the athletes within our sport and give ourselves a voice in its governance.

“This was a milestone for us to have the first official athlete led discussions on elements of the sport, and we hope it will be the first of many as we aim to build on this and engage all of the athlete community to ensure they have someone to reach out to.”

A pdf version of the presentation presented by the Athlete Steering Committee can be viewed or downloaded here. This is a working document and is still subject to review and consultation.

Further feedback from international players is welcome and can be sent directly to the IWBF Athlete Steering Committee at