IWBF have published the new version of the Official Rules for both the 3×3 and 5×5 game. The new versions will become valid on 1st January 2021. The update comes following FIBA’s update of their rules

In the 5×5 rules there are no wheelchair basketball specific changes to be implemented, but they have adopted and updated terminology which includes clarification on the double foul, the unsportsmanlike foul, and the player in the act of shooting, as well as introducing a specific section for the application of the Instant Replay System.

The major change in the 3×3 rules is the change of the number of players allowed per team from 5 to 4 players. This was made following a decision of the IWBF Executive Council last summer.

Chairman of the Technical Commission, Cristian Roja, said:

“The new versions of both rulebooks are to ensure we stay current and in line with FIBA, where relevant. I would like to thank all those on my Commission who have supported the work to ensure these were able to be published and I would also like to thank the Competitions Commission for their cooperation on the revision of the new 3×3 rulebook, in particular the lead on 3×3, Luc Vergoosen.”

All changes are highlighted in blue in the new versions of the rules, which are available to download now.

2021 5x5 Official Wheelchair Basketball Rules

2021 3x3 Official Wheelchair Basketball Rules