In an uplifting start to the New Year, the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) announced today that it has received official confirmation of its compliance with the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) Classification Code. This development follows the diligent efforts of the IWBF since 2020 and marks a significant step forward after the conditional reinstatement of wheelchair basketball in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

In a letter addressed to the IWBF Secretary General, Norbert Kucera, the IPC Governing Board expressed their acknowledgment of the successful fulfillment of all conditions for reinstatement to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games set forth by their Board in September 2021. This not only ensures the continued inclusion of wheelchair basketball in the upcoming Paralympic Games but also underscores the IWBF’s commitment to upholding the IPC Athlete Classification Code.

The letter further highlighted that the IPC Board had recognised this achievement was only made possible due to the extraordinary efforts and commitments of the IWBF’s members, athletes, and the dedicated volunteer workforce of International Classifiers.

Norbert Kucera, the IWBF Secretary General, expressed his delight at the confirmation and said:

“I would like to express on behalf of IWBF our sincere gratitude to all individuals who were involved for their cooperation, understanding, and collaborative efforts that led to this significant milestone. I want to particularly recognise Classification Chairperson, Regina Costa, for her leadership and the pivotal role she played in achieving successful compliance with the IPC Classification Code.

Kucera added:

“IWBF understands the critical role of a consistent approach to classification in para-sports, including wheelchair basketball, we affirm IWBF’s commitment to continuous investments in research and the development of the Classification system. We eagerly anticipate engaging further with our members, athletes, and the International Paralympic Committee to ensure ongoing compliance, adaptability to Code reviews, and to establish ourselves as leaders in para sport in this domain.”

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